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    Kenyatta High School Mahiga::Home


    Kenyatta High School (Mahiga)

    Vision, Mission and Core Value



    To become a centre of excellence in the provision of quality education and promotion of holistic growth of the boy child.


    To nurture and develop all round empowered gentlemen adaptable to the dynamic world who become dependable, competent and responsible citizens.

    Core Values

     Our operational environment is governed by a set of core values which constitute the desired KHSM culture. The school demands observations of the values by teachers, non-teaching staff and students. These values are:

    • Teamwork towards excellence
    • Integrity  This is commitment to acting in an honest, accountable and transparent manner in all undertakings. 
    •  Hard work and dedication to duty
    •  Loyalty to the school and the values it perpetuates.
    •  Sacrifice for the good of the school and the boy child.
    • Continual improvement.  The school is committed to setting and maintaining high standards of chievements through continuous improvement of service delivery.
    • Efficiency Committed to utilizing resources maximumly to achieve highest value of benefit to the boy child.




    James Gichuki Kiretai-principal

    Its a great honour and privilege for me to get a chance at this point in time to write an article on the blessed Kenyatta High School (Mahiga) to initiate its website creation session today 30th November, 2010.

    Obviously the story of Kenyatta Mahiga, as the school is famously known, cannot be fully captured in the few pages of this article since it's a long story that may require a big book.

    Kenyatta Mahiga has continuously adjusted to changing social, economic and political climate, but with some challenges, 44 glorious years on; it is amazing what a focused dream can do. The men and women of Mahiga location headed by Danstun Kiboi Wariua dreamt 44 years ago and walked the dream.

    The school has gone through all manner of experiences that are common in this life; trying moments, happy and triumph times, success and lack. We can say like Socrates that success is in never failing but in rising every time you fall.

    The truth is that Kenyatta Mahiga is doing well today and we can pride ourselves for the success but the journey has been long and the path stony. Indeed, it has taken great patience, sacrifice and endurance to get where we are today.

    Being a pioneer old boy who left Kenyatta 41 years ago, the chairman of the board Mr. Nelson Muturi assumed the mantle of stewardship of this great institution in 1999 to continue with the realization of the founding fathers who had great faith and whenever they were hardest hit they didn't quit. We believe it is the old boys who must take the responsibility to see that Kenyatta Mahiga continues to provide quality education to boys now and in the future.


    Our core business is academic excellence but at the same time we lay great emphasis on character formation so that the boys who pass through Kenyatta Mahiga will never conform to the patterns of the wicked.

    During the period that I have served the school, as the principal there has been challenges, the main one being building a team spirit by trying to bring every stakeholder aboard, both to will and act for the good of Kenyatta Mahiga rather than ones individual advantage. Things have worked out well and we attribute this success to GOD. Long live Kenyatta mahiga.

    James Gichuki Kiretai




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